Void Property Inspection

FRM Security and Facilities Resource Management Limited services help you to better manage your portfolio of vacant commercial, high-end residential and Country House premises across the UK through affordable void property inspection services


From time to time, you may need support with management and regular inspection of void and vacant commercial or valuable residential properties. Facilities Resource Management Limited has a wealth of experience to assist you.

Vacant commercial and residential property management and weekly insurance inspection visits

Vacant commercial, high end residential and Country House properties are targets for vandals, arsonists and squatters – presenting a very real threat to your investment as well as holding up any development or letting plans you may have for the property.

The first step might well be to arrange for our nationwide Vacant Property Inspection Service to undertake weekly inspection to satisfy the insurance requirements of the UK’s largest underwriters – Facilities Resource Management Limited can support you in protecting your investment and minimise tenant liabilities by:

• Securing the property against illegal entry

• Installing monitored portable intruder, fire and smoke alarm system linked to our 24 hour Central Control Room

• Installing a portable visual verification system to minimise false alarm call-outs

• Securing external doors

• Changing locks as required

• Replacing or boarding up broken windows

• Sealing letterboxes

• Removing all internal and external waste materials

• Shutting off the gas supply

• Shutting off and draining down the water supply (unless an active sprinkler system is installed)

• Shutting off the electricity (unless this is required for viewings or alarms)

• Inspecting property internally & externally once, twice or three times a week

• Logging all visits with date, time and identity of inspector

• Keeping the external areas and landscaping tidy and under control

• Giving access to visiting surveyors or meeting and greeting prospective tenants

• Twice-nightly mobile security patrol visits to check on the premises

• Reporting any breaches or concerns to the landlord or managing agent and recommending actions to rectify the problem immediately;

and providing you with the peace of mind of having a 24-hour key holder and intruder alarm response service in place!